Zoho has brought in some interesting new features and made a few enhancements this October to Zoho Books. Read on to know what’s new!

Approval for Timesheets

A while back they had introduced approval for sales and purchase transactions. Now, they have introduced the approval workflow for timesheets so that you that your clients can verify your tasks and projects and approve them. As your clients approve them in the client portal, you can then bill them in your organization and collect payments easily. You can even converse with your customer regarding any surge in prices or delay in service delivery in the comments section. You can enable it by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Projects > Timesheet Approvals.

Zoho Books – Zoho Mail Integration

Zoho Books now integrates with Zoho Mail to bring all your business conversations to one place. The integration doesn’t stop you just from viewing the mails but it also facilitates you to attach the documents from your emails to your invoices/estimates and your documents module. So, if you already have a Zoho Mail account, the integration can be set up in no time. Read more.

Reverse Journal Entries

You can now quickly reverse your debits and credits by creating a reverse entry from the specific journal itself. These reverse entries help you to nullify any adjusting journal entry you had created earlier.

Sales Orders in the Client Portal

We have now incorporated the sales orders to the customer portal, thereby letting your customers know that you’ve confirmed their sale. So even before you send them the invoice, they are aware of the quantity of goods and the price you will be charging them.

Enhancements to the Banking Module

Zoho made some small yet indispensable updates to the banking module of Zoho Books to make it easier for you to manage your banking and reconciliation. Take a look at them:

(i) Added the Unreconciled filter to the bank transactions tab allowing you to filter out unreconciled transactions from all other transactions.

(ii) Zoho provided the option to fetch feeds from a certain date. Usually the feeds are fetched from your last sync date. In case any transactions were not fetched in your previous sync, you can manually set a date to fetch your feeds. The missing feeds along with the new feeds will be available.

(iii) Automatic and manual feeds are now distinctly visible to allow you to easily identify and reconcile transactions.

Bulk Update for Recurring Invoices

The bulk update option has been added for recurring invoices too. Now you can update a single field in all your recurring profiles at once. Just select multiple transactions and click the bulk update option to select which field you’d like to update.