The Zoho Sign extension now supports CRM Mail Merge (Live now)
Zoho Sign extension already allows you to send documents required for signing, to any contact stored in Zoho CRM. Now, the extension will also help you to send customized documents using the Zoho CRM data without having ugly fixed-length placeholders. The documents will look pretty and clean. Just create a mail merge template -> merge data from CRM -> send customized documents out for signing.

Who will find it helpful?
Sales folks sending out one same agreement to different vendors, but with the different name, address, amount, etc.
Bulk Send – Data Merge (Coming Next)
Zoho already supports the bulk send feature which helps users to send one or more documents with same form fields to many recipients in a single click. Now, users can send out customized documents for signing to multiple recipients in one go.
Who will find it useful?
HR managers who need to send out offer letters to many candidates with different salaries.
Self-service document signing (Coming Next)
Zoho Sign will allow users to create a self-service digital signature process (a feature similar to Docusign’s Powerform) through a secure URL without any coding. For example, if a company wants to get their social media policy signed by new hires, the human resources team can create a SignForm and embed its URL in your company’s on-boarding email for new hires to sign and submit.

Create a new template or use an existing template -> create a sign link -> embed it your website or email as required.