Zoho is back with monthly updates for Zoho Expense. They have been continuously working to make your expense reporting effortless. Here’s everything Zoho enhanced in Zoho Expense in the past month.

Add Custom Status for Approved Advance Payments

If you want to provide an alternative custom status specifically for approved advance payments, you can add a custom status under preferences in the Settings module. This option will help you set new custom statuses based on the expense reporting process in your organization. For example, your organization might have multiple stages after an advance payment has been approved such as partially paid, pending, paid etc.You can create new custom statuses for these stages and update the approved advance payment accordingly.


Carry Forward Excess Advance Payment

Are your employees confused about what to do with the excess advance payment? Don’t worry, they made it easier for you and your employees. You can now carry forward the excess advance payment by recording the balance amount as a new advance payment. Your employees can use this new advance payment on their future expense reports.

Run Analytics with Custom Fields

You can now run Analytics based on Customer custom fields for Expense by Customer and Project custom fields for Expenses by Project. You can sort and view expenses associated with a particular custom field. For example, if you add department as a custom field under Customers in Settings, you will be able to run Analytics for Expense by Customer based on this custom field.


Import Exchange Rates

Zoho knows how difficult it is to manually edit each currency’s exchange rate on a regular basis. You can now import and export the exchange rates for all the currencies in one go.Once you import the exchange rates, they will be applied to the expenses corresponding to that period automatically.

Check out the Latest Version of Android App

Zoho introduced a new Privacy & Security section in Settings with analytics, app lock feature and crash reports to give you complete control over your mobile app. Download the latest version of the Zoho Expense Android app to explore these features. If you don’t have the mobile app on your phone, download now to do expense reporting on the go.