Enhanced Version of Zoho Invoice – Zoho Projects Integration

Zoho has enhanced the Zoho Invoice – Zoho Projects integration. In this, your customers will be able to sync the project related data such as Project info, Tasks, Bugs, Timesheets and its users from Zoho Projects to Zoho Invoice.  With the imported data, they can send invoices from Zoho Invoice.

This enhanced version is currently available only for the new users. Zoho is working on the migration for existing users and will keep this space posted. You can check out our help document to learn about how it works.

Bulk Email Option for Payments Received

Zoho has introduced Bulk Email option for the payment receipts. Your customers will just have to select them and click the mail icon on the top. All their payment receipts will be sent to the respective customers.

Bulk Update for Credit Notes, Projects, Invoices

With the new Bulk Update feature in Credit NotesProjects and Invoices, even the slightest of the modification can be updated in all the transactions at the same time.

Associate Additional Billing Address and Shipping Address to Recurring Invoices

So far, your customers will be able to associate only the primary address of their clients to the recurring profiles they create for them. Zoho has enhanced this and from now on, for clients with multiple addresses, your customer can choose to associate any one of those addresses to their recurring profiles.

Option to Import the Retainer Payments in the Payments Received Module

Retainer payments can now be exclusively imported into Zoho Invoice. This option would be available in the Payments Received module.