Zia Search - Exciting updates for the New Year

Zia Search is the unified search service for Zoho apps. Zia search allows you search across Mail, CRM, Desk, Cliq, Connect and more in one go!  

This new year we have an exiting set of updates for Zia Search.

Get latest mails, tickets, documents with a click. Why even Search?

Click on the service icon to get the latest mails, tickets, documents with out even typing the search query.



Help is just a search away!

Yes, now Zia Search gets you results from all the Help and Knowledge Base documentation hosted in zoho.com and help.zoho.com


All new Cliq Search

The new Cliq search feature searches across your Chats, Channels and also Bot messages. What more, now individual messages are shown as results and clicking on the results takes you to the exact message in that chat stream!


Search Creator apps

Accessing all you creator apps is made easy. You can search all apps created by you, shared with you or your group. 


Mobile friendly Interface

Now search.zoho.com website is optimised for mobile and tablets. 



Updated Zia Search Mobile apps

Zia search mobile app for Android and IOS is also constantly updated. Helping you search and access any information, even on the move. 

Just scan the QR code from your mobile (Android or IOS) to install Zia Search mobile app



Deep integration of Zia Search into Zoho Apps

Zia search is now integrated on the top bar in home.zoho.com and one.zoho.com.


It is also contextually integrated in Zoho Mail in many places.


You can expect more such contextual integrations in more zoho apps in the near future.

Zia Search can be invoked using shortcut key ( ctrl + / or cmd + / ) in services like mail, Desk, Connect, Cliq, Projects and 14 other Zoho Services.

or in https://search.zoho.com

or via Zia Search mobile apps.