Zoho is back with some of the latest feature updates and enhancements that they been meticulously working on for the last two months.


Clone event

Zoho understands how nerve-wracking it can be for the event organizers to build an event from scratch every time. To make things easier for them, Zoho Backstage’s new feature ‘clone’ gives event organizers the freedom to duplicate an event in minutes. Cloning also allows them to choose the modules/fields that they want to be included in the new event.



Speak your attendee’s language

Building an event in any other language just got easier with Zoho Backstage. From French, Spanish, Chinese to German organizers can simply add and choose from the 78 languages in which they want to create the website and start building it in the language of their choice.



Live polls

Keeping audience engagement in focus, Zoho Backstage now lets you conduct live polls during sessions. Apart from features like live Q&As, feedback at the end of the session, following and liking slides, attendees can now engage with the speaker by sharing their opinions in polls. Organizers can have multiple choice, rating, or text-based polls.



Add primary contact

With an option to add a primary contact, organizers now have the choice to completely own event communications. Both sender and reply-to email address can be changed and organizers can also choose to maintain multiple email addresses as portal contacts.



Apart from these, they have also added some enhancements to the microsite with two new themes and eight new banner layouts that allow organizers to design their website the way they like.