Let’s take a look at updates made to Zoho Projects

Get your meetings started on time

In-person meetings do not always start as planned. We know your time is money. Our new Zoho Meeting Integration lets you start online meetings from wherever you are and collaborate while you’re on the go.


More customization, more control

More power to you! Hold sway over your Zoho Projects account. Along with other domain customizations, you can now customize your own email address or your company’s email address to send notifications. Navigate to portal configuration and configure your sender email .

sender-mail-02 (1).png

Pull the strings with blueprints

Blueprint is now upgraded with more enhancements. You can now apply a blueprint directly to any project, milestone, or task list. Navigate to Task Automation right away to configure blueprints and automate task workflows.

Set log hour limits

Do you want to restrict the hours logged by your employees? You can now set the daily and weekly log hour limits by enabling the Time Log Restriction option in Timesheet settings.

timelog-restriction1 (2).png

Microsoft Teams Integration

We made sure you get the best of both worlds with our new Microsoft Teams integration . You can add tabs and install Zoho Projects chatbot to streamline your project activities right from your teams workspace.


Connect using APIs

We have added a new set of APIs and we are excited for you to try it. Check out the list here.

Zoho Projects Marketplace

Create and deploy custom extensions for Zoho Projects and host them in theMarketplace .


Here is what’s in our pipeline…

  1. Zia for Zoho Projects

  2. Field-level permissions

  3. Zoho Sprints Integration

  4. Marketplace enhancements

And, there’s more to come! Check out our What’s New to know more about our latest features.