If you have attended Zoholics or one of Zoho’s seminars around the country you have experienced Zoho Backstage 

From putting up the event website and agenda to delivering sessions and managing live interactions, they use Zoho Backstage to run these events. 

Calendar embeds

List all your events in a calendar format. Embed it on your website and let people know what to expect for the calendar year by giving them an overview.

Add Terms and Conditions for your event

Show or hide the terms and conditions for the events on your event website. Choose whether you want to display the link for terms and conditions on your microsite’s footer or the checkout form during ticket registration.

CRM integration

As many of you already know, the much-awaited Zoho Backstage integration with Zoho CRM was introduced earlier this month. With this integration, events created in Backstage will be created as campaigns in Zoho CRM. It provides two-way sync ensuring that the data remains updated on both the platforms. You can read more about it in this post and the help guide.

Translated content for nine languages

To make things more accessible, the static content for microsites created in Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa, and Tagalogas source language is auto-translated for event organizers.

Assign event-level primary contact

With an option to assign a primary contact at the event-level, admins will now be able to assign a dedicated email address to handle all the event-related communication for each event in the portal.

Furthermore, they are working on some more exciting features and additional ticketing options for various currencies.