Keeping passwords safe but accessible to you team can be a challenge.  There have been so many security breaches this year that they are becoming commonplace in the news.  But even with that being the case we have to stay vigilant to keep our password in a safe location.  Zoho offers Zoho Vault which is a SAML-based sing on for cloud apps. Zoho Vault is designed for users in large IT organizations that deal with a vast number of websites, cloud applications, and devices in their day-to-day activities. IT managers often find it cumbersome to monitor access and manage a growing number of passwords for the company’s social media profiles, servers, testing environments, and other shared user accounts. Zoho Vault serves as a centralized vault for enterprise passwords. It helps control access to shared accounts, with multiple levels of permission-based roles that can be assigned to employees based on their job titles and responsibilities. IT teams can track user access activity in those shared accounts in real time with comprehensive audit trials and reports. Zoho Vault is offered as a stand alone product and it is included as one of the 35 Zoho programs offered in Zoho One. For a free trial to Zoho One click here.