Zoho CRM Enhancements

Create break hours in between shifts :

When a prospective customer tries to make a booking during break hours, they will be instantly notified about the user’s unavailability. The user can choose to have the same or different break hours depending on what day of the week it is.

To know how to create break hours, please visit https://zcms.zohocorp.com/crm/help/administration/business-hours.html 

Mandatory fields in task :

Any field marked required or mandatory in task layout will be listed automatically as a mandatory field in Workflows, Approval process, Assignment rules and Blueprint. Merge field values can also be inserted now by typing the # symbol.

Mandatory fields can be viewed in previously created tasks by clicking on “Show all mandatory fields” option while editing a task.

To know more about this, please visit https://zcms.zohocorp.com/crm/help/automation/workflow-tasks.html 

Blueprints in Sandbox:

Sandbox gives you the opportunity to create a Blueprint for testing BEFORE it goes live.

For a more detailed description of these new enhancements click HERE