Zoho has released numerous features and made multiple enhancements to make accounting easier for you. Noticed something new each time you logged in? Well, here’s all about them:

Add items in bulk and save time

When customers make a huge purchase, adding items individually to your invoice can take a while. You can now add multiple items (up to 50) and even select their quantities in one go. This is applicable for all sales and purchase transactions and also while adding items by scanning their bar codes.

To do this: Create a new transaction (Sales/Purchases) > Add items in bulk (below the item table) > Select the items, and their quantity > Add items.


Reduce redundant notifications from Recurring Invoices

Too many emails notifying you of recurring invoices created automatically? You can now choose to disable notifications for recurring invoices in your Draft statusthereby letting you receive notifications only on the significant updates.

To do this: Settings > Preferences > Recurring Invoices > Create Invoices as Drafts > Enable/disable notifications.



All things payments

Introduced the Payments tab in invoices to let you collect online payments quickly, add bank details and record offline payments– all in one place.

To do this: Invoices > Select an invoice > View Payments tab near Comments and History.



Tailor your templates with new customizations

  • Included the HSN and SAC-wise tax summary to the Spreadsheet and Spreadsheet Plus templates (India).
    To do this: Settings > Templates > Spreadsheet/Spreadsheet Plus > Edit > Total > Show HSN/SAC Summary.


  • Resize the logo on your templates with the Resize Logo option.
    To do this: Settings > Templates > Choose any Module > Header > Resize Logo.


  • Customer Statement Template can now accomodate the refunds initiated and project details.
    To do this: Settings > Templates > Customer Statement > Statement Table > Refund/ Show Project Name

  • We’ve added template support for A5 Paper Size.
    To do this: Settings > Templates > Choose any Module > Template Properties > Paper Size.

  • You can now view the details of bills that were applied to credit notes as well.
    To do this: Settings > Templates > Vendor Credits > Bill Details.


Customize reports by projects

Invoice Details report, Bills Details report and Purchase Order Details report can now be customized to add the project details to the reports. You can also filter your reports by projects and generate them.

To do this: Reports > Invoice/Bills/PO Details Report > Customize Report > Show/Hide Columns or Advanced Filters > Project. 

Bulk update options for purchases

We’ve extended Bulk Update to purchase entities as well. This lets you select multiple purchase transactions at once and update a particular field for them.

To do this: Select multiple transactions > Click Bulk Update > Choose a Field and enter new information.



Importing custom fields

Custom fields that were created for the item table (additional columns in your item table) can now be imported. You will be able to import them for invoices, estimates, sales orders, credit notes, purchase orders, bills and debit notes.

To do this: Go to the particular module > Click the Hamburger icon > Import (Ensure that your import file has the all the custom fields).


Android app updates

The latest updates (v-5.22.05 and v-5.22.04) made to the Android application of Zoho Books now lets you:

  • Associate Reporting Tags to the line items while creating transactions.

  • Apply and record discounts to your bills.

  • Navigate directly to the transaction that was created/edited from the Recent Activities section in the Contact details page.