In the past month, Zoho worked on new features that will help you save time while using Zoho Subscriptions, so you can focus more on growing your business. Here’s what’s new:

Export only what you see

With this update, you can choose to export only the data that’s visible in your custom views and default filters for the CustomersSubscriptions and Invoicesmodules. This works great for when you want to export specific data unlike the usual data export. 

export-current .png

Note: Currently, you cannot export the current view of default filters for the Customers module.

Create custom buttons for credit notes

You can now create custom buttons for credit notes, which let you trigger a custom function (written in Deluge) right from the credit note details page. Notice a credit note that’s remained unused for a long time? Go ahead and create a custom button to notify your customers via SMS

custom-button .png

Set an expiry date for your invoice links

The latest update lets you set an expiry date for public invoice links that you generate. Since these invoice links can be used to view, pay and download your invoices by anyone who has them, setting an expiry date can help avoid misuse in the long run.



Identify subscriptions easily with subscription numbers

From now on, subscriptions that you record will have subscription numbers instead of awkwardly put-together subscription names. This brings in the ability to search for subscriptions based on their unique subscription numbers. These subscription numbers will also be used in reports and other related entities like email templates and placeholders. You can also customize the generation of your subscription numbers by setting a custom prefix and suffix (next number) to suit your business needs. 

Advanced search and column customization for credit notes

The Advanced Search option is now available for Credit Notes as well and lets you drill-down on a particular credit note with ease instead of going through them manually. 

advanced-search .png

The Column Customization option is now available for credit notes. This lets you quickly show/hide columns in the credit notes list page, without having to create a new custom view. 

column-customization .png

Share custom views with selected users and roles

Those intricate custom views that you create can now be shared with selected users and roles. If your organization has numerous users, this will help declutter their view filters by making certain custom views visible only to users who need them. For example, you can share custom views that contain customer contact information with your salespersons alone.


Zoho also added new features to our 
Android and iOS apps, so be sure to check them out.