Here’s a short summary of what’s come your way and what’s coming soon, followed by a brief note on each feature.

Recently released:

  • Quick Send in Zoho CRM
  • Deeper integration with Zoho Recruit
  • Embedded signing via Zoho Forms
  • Microsoft Teams extension
  • Field templates

Coming soon:

  • Integration with Zoho Mail
  • Webhooks
  • Deeper integration with Box
  • Approver action in sign workflows

and many more…

Quick Send in Zoho CRM

The Quick Send feature available with templates inside the Zoho Sign application is now also available for use inside Zoho CRM when using the Zoho Sign extension to send documents for signature. This can be of great use to those who conduct business by regularly initiating sign workflows directly from Zoho CRM and import Zoho Sign templates while doing so. This feature enables you to send documents for signature in just two clicks and, thus, vastly, reduces the time taken to set up a sign workflow


Deeper integration with Zoho Recruit

The Zoho Sign extension for Zoho Recruit now supports adding documents to sign workflows by importing mail merge and Zoho Sign templates. By leveraging the use of these template options, you can speed up your signing processes further and also achieve better automation.


Embedded signing via Zoho Forms

Zoho Sign’s integration with Zoho Forms now supports automatic form redirection to the document requiring signature. This feature redirects those filling out a form upon form submission to the document that needs to be signed by them. The document already contains their form data prefilled for them to verify and sign using Zoho Sign. By extension, this also allows you to also create an embedded signing process within your website or web application when you embed a form integrated with Zoho Sign into it.


Microsoft Teams extension

Zoho Sign recently launched an extension for the popular workspace collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. By extending Office 365’s single sign-on (SSO), the Zoho Sign extension for Microsoft Teams can serve as a one-stop solution that allows you to effectively access all of Zoho Sign’s features from a single platform on the cloud.


Field templates

Zoho Sign now supports importing signer fields from existing templates directly onto freshly uploaded documents. The feature eliminates the need to add signer fields via dragging and dropping from scratch. This will save you time in workflows where you upload documents requiring the same fields as an existing template and also help you update your older templates with new documents.


And, here’s a quick sneak peek into the features we have lined up for release in the upcoming weeks.

Integration with Zoho Mail

You will soon be able to integrate Zoho Sign with Zoho Mail which will allow you send documents for signature or sign them yourself directly from your inbox. This can be a great time saver for Zoho Mail and Zoho One users as this prevents you from downloading & uploading documents, or switching between screens & browser tabs, when setting up your sign workflows. You will be able to do it from the convenience of a single screen.



Zoho Sign will also support webhooks soon. Webhook, also known as a web callback or HTTP push API, is a way for an application to provide other applications with real-time information. Zoho Sign will allow users to set up webhooks to deliver data to third-party applications and web servers that have been configured on the backend to listen to POST requests. These webhooks can act as realtime triggers and come in handy when you want to integrate Zoho Sign with other applications or set up automated workflows across applications.


Deeper integration with Box

We will also be enhancing our existing integration with Box in the upcoming weeks. Zoho Sign’s integration with Box presently allows you to import documents from and export documents onto your Box cloud storage using our Cloud Picker tool. Our upcoming enhancement will allow you to initiate sign workflows for files on your Box storage directly from the Box dashboard and save the signed files directly back onto Box. This will save you the time of opening the Zoho Sign applicationand manually importing/exporting the files otherwise.


Approver action in sign workflows

You will soon have the option to add recipients to sign workflows as an approver. This role would require the recipient to approve the contents of the document as opposed to signing it or simply viewing it. This highly requested feature enables users to combine document approval and signing processes into a single workflow and thereby ease collaboration across different levels of authority at the workplace.