Here’s a quick look at updates to Zoho Subscriptions:

Multitask with Web Tabs

Web Tabs allow you and all the users within your organization to access a webpage or an application within Zoho Subscriptions. This saves time when accessing external resources and is a great way to view data from integrated services like custom reports from Zoho Analytics.

You can create web tabs by going to Settings > Web Tabs > + New Web Tab.

Configure an account for setup fees

The Setup Fee field can be used to collect other initial charges such as security deposits, which don’t necessarily come under the default sales account but would be more suited to a liability account. Considering this, we’ve now included the option to configure the account that will reflect a plan’s setup fee.

setup fee .png
To configure the account for setup fees, go to Products Add/Edit Plan > More fields.

Secure your Webhooks

Your webhooks that are sent out from Zoho Subscriptions can now be secured by configuring a secret key, which will be used to generate a hash value. This hash value can then be verified with the same secret key from the receiving end, thereby ensuring that the webhook was sent from Zoho Subscriptions and no one else.Learn more.

Updates to the mobile apps

We’ve updated our Android and iOS apps with new features like the Currencies module and the Preferences section under settings. Also, the Android app has been localized in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.