Zoho has rolled out some interesting features and established new integrations. Let’s jump into the post to find out what’s new!

1. Package Geometry

Package Geometry is a tool that computes the most optimal way of arranging your items within the boxes. You can visualize the boxes and its contents in 3D. So before you start packing, you can get a firsthand idea of how the items can be fitted inside the boxes and instantly generate package slips for them as well.

Learn more about package geometry in Zoho Inventory.

package-geometry-4 copy.png

2. QuickBooks Online Integration (US Edition)

Zoho Inventory is integrated with QuickBooks Online: an online accounting software built by Intuit. Your inventory management and bookkeeping can go hand-in-hand with this new integration that is currently available only for the US edition of Zoho Inventory.

Learn more about QuickBooks Online integration.

Refer to our help documentation to get started.

quickbooks-setup-1 copy.png

3. Multi-select Custom Field

We have added the Multi-select data type in the custom field for Zoho Inventory. 

The multi-select datatype is similar to the drop-down menu except that here, you can select more than one value from the available options.

To try this: Go to Settings > Preferences > Go to a preferred module > Custom Fields > New Custom Field > Choose ‘Multi-select’ under Data Type.


  • A module can have only up to two multi-select custom fields.

  • You can provide up to 300 options for a multi-select custom field and select up to five field values.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.23.19 AM.png

4. Order Fulfillment by Item Report

Zoho has added the Order Fulfillment by Item Report to our list of sales reports in Zoho Inventory.

This report summarizes the quantity ordered, shipped, invoiced, cancelled and more for each item in your inventory for a selected sales order creation period.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 11.43.19 AM.png

5. Zoho Inventory iOS App Update

Zoho has added the much-awaited Transfer Orders and Item Adjustments module to the mobile app.