Zoho’s latest updates give you customization options that help smoothen your workflows and collect payments with ease for more customers. Here’s what’s new:

Automate frequent tasks with Custom Schedulers

Custom Schedulers let you create and automate tasks on a recurring basis. Your tasks can be configured to run based on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly frequency. Exclusive settings for each frequency, like avoiding weekends or specifying the exact time & date to trigger tasks, give you additional control over when your tasks are executed.

custom-scheduler.pngTo create custom schedulers, go to Settings > Automation > Custom Schedulers >+ New Custom Scheduler.

Multi-select Custom Fields

Multi-select is a new data type for custom fields, which lets you create custom fields with multiple options. You and your customers can then select one or more of the available options from a dropdown when using the custom field.


Mobile App Updates

Both our Android and iOS apps are frequently updated to provide you with the best mobile experience to manage your subscriptions. Go ahead and check them out in the Play Store and App Store, respectively, to learn about the recent changes.

We also post weekly tips and tricks that address specific business scenarios and help you get the most out of Zoho Subscriptions.